Putting the Blood back into Blood Bowl...

It's nearly time for Blood Bowl season to get back underway at the Chelmsford Bunker.  Ever a favourite game, the Bunker has a summer of violent fun lined up with the start of the new CBBBL season (which stands for Chelmsford Bunker Blood Bowl League) plus lots of us are attending the Carrot Crunch VI tournament in Sudbury at the end of the month.

With the new season on the horizon, a number of coaches have opted to field a Chaos team; some because they've painted a beautiful team and want to use them (you can see some of them on my friend Darren's blog : Flare Miniature Painting ) whilst others are purely out to try to engage in some petty inter-club rivalry by beating those players with the same team.  I would be one of those who fall into the latter category... So far we have four Chaos teams signed up so there will certainly be a mini "Chaos Cup" competition where we will all want to get the "best Chaos player" title.  Gloating rights are always a delight...

I will be using my Khorne's Killers team but, unlike the others, I'm not fielding any chaos warriors.  I'm just taking beastmen and a minotaur for the challenge of it.  My roster is set to be :

1 x Minotaur
10 x Beastmen
4 x Rerolls

The three other Chaos teams are all taking identical rosters of :

4 x Chaos Warriors
7 x Beastmen
3 x Rerolls

Last night, Darren L and I had a pre-season warmup game with our Chaos teams to see how things work out and get used to playing with their rules.  Darren L decided to change his roster for this game as he hasn't painted all his beastmen yet - so my team was facing against a mino, four warriors and six beastmen and only one reroll.  Quite simply put, the game was a blood bath!  With my first turn of the game, my minotaur blitzed one of Darren L's beastmen and killed him stone dead.  Soon after, he tried the same with his own mino and managed to get a "both down" result - which saw his cow get stretchered off the field.  The game ended a 1-1 draw, I had a total of five players left on the field and, between us, there were a total of eight players in the dead and injured box.  Khorne was very pleased with the evenings contributions!  This season should be highly amusing and I can't wait for it to start.

The Carrot Crunch tournament takes place on the 30th June/1st July and, unlike Darren L, I'm not going to be taking my Chaos team.  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to take yet but Chaos aren't a team that do well at tournaments.  That being said, Halflings aren't a team that do well at tournaments either and I field them often enough - but I'd like to have a decent showing.  Last year I took Skaven and got two wins, one draw and three losses so I'm not sure if I'm going to take them again.  My other options are Dwarfs, Humans of Amazons - maybe I'll decide on the day :)