Carrot Crunch VI

Howdy sports fans... It's Blood Bowl time again as I'm heading to the Carrot Crunch VI tournament in Sudbury this weekend.  A good amount of the Bunker faithful are attending and most of those will be in my car.  All aboard the Bunker Bus!  I have only just decided on the team I'm going to take.  I was tempted with Skaven, Amazons and Dwarfs and wrote / printed rosters for all three - but it's the Halflings that I'll be taking to the Crunch this year.  I can aim for the Stunty Cup but I'll have some stiff opposition so we'll see how it goes.  I will be fielding Puggy Baconbreath rather than Deeproot Strongbranch - mainly as he amuses me more than the big treeman.

I'll try to takes some pics over the weekend and I'll post up a report next week.  Puggy FTW!