Blood and Iron

Here's a sneak preview of a WIP - my battleship for my Prussian Empire force for Dystopian Wars.  I have an intro game scheduled for the 19th December so I need to get the rest of the naval battle group painted for then.  Full steam ahead!

* edit *

I had time tonight to get the Cruisers ready for duty so here they are...

The reason these are works in process is because I have some very, very small decals that I want to apply to these models and I want to paint the windows too.  I have just over a week to get these models ready for use though so I will get the basic paintjobs done and will return to them to get the extras done.

* edit II *

The Frigates are done - might as well post them up here too now...

* edit III *

The Geier class bombers are painted - I just need to get decals on them to finish them off.  I magnetised them to make them easier to store.  If you want to try it for yourself, the socket in the aircraft is deep enough to take three 3mm x 1mm magnets - put on one top of the stand and there's a strong enough bond to hold the aircraft on the stand fairly securely.

*edit IV *

The last thing in the naval battle group that needed painting was the tiny flyers.  These are now done!

These are now ready to game with although I am going to finish them off with decals once I get a chance.  I've also bought a couple of extra blisters to add to it - a Rhine class fleet carrier and some Jager class small airships.  So - more painting to do.  I must say, I'm looking forward to playing this game now so I'll try to take some pictures on Wednesday.