Firestorm Armada - Aquans vs Dindrenzi

I had a game of Firestorm Armada tonight with my Aquans taking on my friend Alister's Dindrenzi.  We were playing a 700 point game so I thought I'd try out my Carrier as I've not played a game with wings before.  I've not played Firestorm for months and it was my first game using the latest Master rulebook so it took a while getting on with the little changes from the old version.  So - what with all the new rules and using stuff I've not before meant we took things slowly and just aimed to have fun and throw some dice while we were learning how to play again.

I'd like to say that it was a close battle, filled with tactical advances, clever ploys and gambits and with the game result resting on a knife-edge until the final turn.  It would be a complete lie though!  I got totally thrashed.  My Aquans suffered damage from the long range guns of the Dindrenzi and by the time they got close enough to start shooting themselves, they had suffered too much to do anything other than scratch the paint of their enemies.  Oh well.  It was good fun and I'm keen to try playing again soon so I can get a better understanding of the rules.

Here's some pics of the game to finish off!

My Dindrenzi dice
Dindrenzi set up for the battle
My Aquans
My fleet of Frigates
Alister's Dindrenzi Frigates
My Triton Carrier
Two wings of Bombers
The huge Dindrenzi Battleship
Aquans Storm Class Cruisers
Tsunami and Storm Class Cruisers
Aquan Battleship
Alister's Cruisers
HotzMat Space Mat
My Tsunami Cruiser taking lots of damage
The Battleship closing in
Uh - oh...
Not much left of my force at the end...