Dystopian Wars - First Game

Tonight my mate Shane and I brought out our starter fleets for our first game of Dystopian Wars.  Shane, like me, only just recently painted his first models for the game and he'd done a great job on his Empire of the Burning Sun naval battle group.  We didn't manage to get a full game in but we played enough to realise that a) the game is awesome and b) we're going to have to play this game a lot more... which is handy as I've done some toy trading with the other guys at the Bunker and managed to become the proud owner of another Prussian naval battle group, a dreadnought, more cruisers and some destroyers.  I've also ordered an armoured battle group and both the waterlined and normal versions of the Mertzger robot.  2013 is going to have a very Spartan feel to it, I'm sure...

Anyway - here's some pics from the game...

Table setup with scenery
Deployment complete
EOBS Frigates
EOBS Battleship
EOBS Cruisers
Prussian Cruisers and Frigates
Prussian Battleship and Tiny Flyers
Prussian Bombers and Frigates
Prussian Tiny Flyers
EOBS Frigates moving into position
Ready broadsides!
In formation
Mid game