Blood Bowl Lizardman Team

Most wargamers have what we affectionately refer to as a lead mountain - those models that we had to buy but haven't had a chance or motivation to get around to painting...  My own particular lead mountain has a lot of Blood bowl models in it.  Quite a lot, in fact.  Of the twenty-one teams in the Blood Bowl rule book, I own at least one full team of each (for some teams I have more than one!) but I have less than half of that number painted and usable.

My mate Rid has recently started a painting service called Fanplastic Little Men.  Rid is probably the fastest painter I've ever met - every army he's owned has been huge and fully painted within a couple of weeks.  So - with so many of my teams unpainted, it was about time I gave him the Lizardman team and let him go at it.  We decided on the colours of red and yellow (being the classic colours of my Howling Griffons space marines!)  I think they came out great and I now have another team painted!  If you want him to paint anything for you, please give him a try - he's very well priced and fast!