Bringing Out The Big Hats

With the new season of Blood Bowl fast approaching at the Chelmsford Bunker, I thought I'd dig out a team that I've had painted for years but never used in either a league or tournament - Chaos Dwarfs.

Over ten years ago, I read a Chaos Dwarf playbook in Blood Bowl Magazine Issue 7 (back in those days, Chaos Dwarfs could take trolls as well as minotaurs!) and decided then an there that I wanted to have a team of them.  I started buying them in bits and pieces off eBay - it took me a couple of years to get them all but I think I spent around £20 on the whole team in the end and that was including having a pile of hobgoblins.  The only model I bought direct from GW was a hobgoblin sneaky git that I used as the star player Rashnak Backstabber.

After I'd got all the models, they needed painting and, as I was deep in the middle of a host of 40K related projects at the time (a 1000 point Blood Angels army if I recall correctly...), I turned over the brush duties to a mate.  He did a great job on them, especially the minotaur which I was really pleased with.  After that though, I never had much of a chance to use them in a league and the few test games I had with them didn't go particularly well.  They are one of those teams that you need to practice with before they are effective... So they got stored away and they've been unused ever since.  With CBBBL VI starting at the end of October, I wanted to use a team I'd not tried before and it was time to dig out the Chaos Dwarfs and try to knuckle down and learn how to use them.

I'll be creating a mini-blog site for them to record their progress when the league starts but, until then, here's some pics of them.  I still need to paint numbers on their bases - best I get that done soon I guess...

Obligatory team picture
Bull Centaurs
Chaos Dwarf Blockers
Chaos Dwarf Blockers
Hthark the Unstoppable
Rashnak Backstabber
Zzharg Madeye