Double Trouble in Little Cambridge

CBBBL Trophy
This weekend I'm taking part in the Cambridge Double Trouble II Blood Bowl tournament and, after much deliberation, I'm going to be using my new Lizardman team.  It's a true doubles tournament in that you play in pairs as a team - and all the skills given to your players can only be chosen from the doubles skills list.  To add an extra doubles element to it, I and my buddy Luke are going to be using identical Lizardman team rosters.  If nothing else, it will give us a chance to see who can do the best with the same team!  I've never used Lizardmen apart from on the Cyanide PC game so it will be an interesting experience indeed.  If I can win a game or two with them, I'll be happy enough.

I'm two games into the CBBBL season at the club and it's been great fun so far.  My team in the league this year is Chaos Dwafs and so far I've got a draw against Skaven and a win against Orcs.  There's still eight games left of the season - if I can be in the top four teams at the end of it I'll get into the playoffs to see who gets their name inscribed on the trophy.  Fingers crossed!