Painting challenge - three hours to paint a mini

I'm normally pretty fast at painting models (once I get into the mood to do so) and I was in the mood to do so last night.  I have a league Blood Bowl game scheduled against a mate and I discovered that the different team values between our teams meant that I could hire a star player for this game - a goblin chainsaw looney called Nobbla Blackwart.  Thing was, I knew I had the mini somewhere but it was bare metal and I only had three hours to find it and get it ready!

Here's how he looked to start with once I'd dug him out of my lead mountain:

I quickly cleaned up the model and glued him to the base and took him out to the garage to dry whilst I shook up the can of black undercoat.  I gave him a blast with the can and took him back inside the house to dry in the warm while I found the paints I needed (mainly the purples as I rarely use those!)  Undercoating a model in the cold tends to make the black undercoat a grey colour - so I gave him a quick once over with a 50/50 black paint/water mix to get him fully basecoated.

Once that was dry, I painted Orkhide Shade foundation paint onto his skin and Leviathan Purple onto his armour and helmet.  After that, it was good old Goblin Green onto the raised parts of his skin and a 50/50 mix of the purple and Skull White onto the raised parts of his armour.  I pained his boots with a Vallejo Dark Grey and then started on the metal work.  Vallejo Gunmetal was drybrushed over his chainmail and the chainsaw - then highlighted with Mithril Silver.  I mixed up a bit of a bronze colour paint I had with Chaos Black to get it nice and dark and painted parts of his chainsaw motor with that - then painted his armour strapping with Bestial Brown.  That was highlighted with Bleached Bone and I used that on his teeth too.  There was not much left after that - a bit of Mithril Silver and Enchanted Blue for his goggles and a few dabs of Blood Red to give some colour to the chainsaw...

I got him finished well under the three hours I'd given myself - and I even had time before the end of the evening to base him (PVA - sand - wash with Devlan Mud - then more PVA for the flock) and give him a matt varnish.  It was only after I'd varnished him that I noticed I'd forgotten to paint a knuckle duster on his left glove - but I can tidy that up at the weekend.  He's still good enough to get into the action tonight!