Krox Blocked

The Cambridge Double Trouble tourney could have been a washout from the start.  My team-mate was ill and unable to drive so I had to post up to the organisers that I wouldn't be able to make it.  Thankfully, Nuffle was watching over me.  One of my other friends spotted my post and said he could pick me as he'd be driving past me anyway.  Fantastic!  Despite some serious traffic issues thanks to a lorry crash that closed the M11, the games got underway by around 11:00.

First up was a chap playing Skaven who was taking part in his first tournament.  His luck was against him and I won 3-0 and caused 2-0 casualties.  Off to lunch which saw more delays!  Finally I got game two under-way against an experienced coach playing Norse.  Things just went brilliantly for me in that game - I won 3-0 again but I'd caused 5-0 casualties.  I was starting to get the tingle of excitement round about now but then I found I was up against one of the tournament pros, again with Norse.  His first block of the game took out my Kroxigor which really was quite rough - but these things happen in Blood Bowl.  I sucked it up and started doing my best - and I managed to make it a 2-1 loss although I did cause 6-2 casualties on him.  Best game of the weekend by far even though I lost.

Sunday was a much more relaxed affair as the same friend drove me and we got there in plenty of time for game four.  I was matched up against Undead for that game and I just couldn't break though and score.  He did a great job against me and I lost 2-0 with equal casualties of 2-2.  Game five was against one of the best stunty team coaches around - he was using Goblins this time.  He had two fanatics (ball and chain which at ST7!) and he used them really well.  I had to be happy with a 1-1 draw but he out casualtied me with a 1-3 result.  In my final game I was playing against an Underworld team.  I thought I'd lose this as his first four turns went perfectly for him - but after that his luck turned on him.  After I'd scored, the kick-off results was a "Throw a Rock" which hit his Warpstone Troll and injured him.  He failed his regeneration roll so used his apothecary - which again was an injury.  So with no troll and being outnumbered, it ended in a 3-0 rout for me and it could have been 4-0 had a go for it worked at the end of the 1st half.  He did more damage to his own team than I did as they all hurt themselves when falling over - so the casualty result was just 1-0.

So - after a rather tricky and stressful Saturday morning it turned into a pretty good weekend.  I won three games, drew one and lost two so no complaints there.  It seems I also had the joint highest number of touchdowns which was a shock.

I enjoyed using the Lizardmen too - quite a tough team and the skinks are so fast!  I'll be using them again at the club BB one-day tournament on the 24th.