The Fouling Griffons - Blood Bowl Goblins

This team has taken me a while to paint.  I decided to paint my Willy Miniatures goblins in a red and yellow colour in a tribute to the first Space Marine army I collected for Warhammer 40K - the Howling Griffons.  Of course, it has been years since I painted those old models and I'd totally forgotten what a nightmare trying to paint red and yellow can be!  The red especially took a lot of effort as that is the main colour for the armour and clothing.  Ah well - they are all done now.  Well, apart from the two other trolls, star players and sideline staff.  I'll get around to doing those at some point :)

I'm taking these to the Cambridge Double Trouble III tournament this weekend (otherwise know as Cam Dub III).  It's a doubles team tournament and, for an extra switch, you can only take doubles skills.  It seemed a perfect opportunity to take a stunty team as it means I can give some decent skills to the players.  My roster for the weekend is going to be :

2 x Trolls (both with Block)
1 x Pogoer (Sure Hands)
1 x Fanatic (Block)
1 x Looney (Dirty Player)
1 x Bombardier (Hail Mary Pass)
9 x Goblins (one with Leader)
Fungus the Loon
2 x Rerolls
2 x Bribes

This should allow for some entertaining shenanigans.  The Bombardier with HMP in particular - he will be lobbing those mortar bombs all over the field.  I suspect the chainsaw wielding looney will have a short lifespan in each game but if he manages to take some players out I'll be happy.  I'll update with how I get on after the weekend.  Until then, here's the pictures of the team.

The Fouling Griffons

Secret Weapons
More goblins
Journeymen - Battleaxe Miniatures
Fungus the Loon