Cambridge Double Trouble III - Results

This weekend I took part in the Cambridge Double Trouble III Blood Bowl tournament.  It's the only doubles tournament and I was partnered with my buddy Andrew.  I was using my new Goblin team and he was using his Ogre team.  For the first day, we played a standard Swiss ranked tournament system but for the 2nd day we were playing side by side in teams.

For my first game I was drawn against my friend James who was also using Goblins.  I was using my custom printed Blood Bowl pitch so it seemed apt that two Goblin teams were playing on it.  I got very lucky in this match and somehow managed to win it 2-0 with a 4-2 casualty score.

Goblin vs Goblin
The trolls face off.

After the shock win in the first game, my second was vs Beanbag with his Norse team.  I did my best to keep him honest but he had some luck and he won 2-1 and beating me 2-1 on casualties.

Game three and I was playing against my friend Dan who was using his Lizardman team.  I thought this one was heading for a draw but he managed to get a scattered ball to be caught by a saurus in a tackle zone on a 6, then dodge the saurus away by rolling a 5+ - he was away and I couldn't stop him.  A 1-0 loss with a 5-1 casualty score.

Day two and Andrew and I were in last place as far as a team score as Andrew had unfortunately lost his three games.  Due to the odd number of coaches taking part, the organisers were called on to play against us, with me playing vs Schmee using Chaos and Andrew playing Purplegoo using Goblins.  I did really well in this game as I had to try to recover the ball a number of times thanks to Schmee's leaping Chaos Warriors blitzing the ball carrier in a cage.  I scraped a 2-1 win and even managed a 2-1 casualty score.

Reeling from the second win, I was placed against Tank15 in game five who was using Chaos Pact.  I played a really aggressive game and ran goblins through his players at every opportunity.  I won 3-1 and cause 3-2 on casualties!

I my final game I was taking on Besters who I've played against a lot of times, including the final game of STABB Cup a few weeks ago.  Everything that went right in the last game went wrong in this one!  I lost most of my special weapons early on and goblins were falling everywhere.  In the end I had so few players left that Jim tried his best to pitch clear me and just managed that in his final turn.  He won 2-0 and beat me 7-2 on casualties.

Andrew had managed to get a draw in his final game but lost his other five which left us in last place as a team. Not a surprise as we had taken stunty teams and most other players had taken sensible teams!  I finished in 8th place out of 16 and Andrew unfortunately ended in last place; he just missed out on the Most Casualties to Besters.  Jim won it thanks to the drubbing he gave to me.  With three wins and three losses I won the Stunty cup award and was honoured to be given the Best Painted team award.  I was really happy to get both of these - a great weekend despite the overall team result.

Best Painted Team award
The Fouling Griffons