STABB Cup V results

I went to St. Albans this weekend with a Nurgle team and no expectations apart from just taking part and ticking another team off the list.  By the time the first round was announced, we had 24 coaches taking part including Wilzif the organiser as someone hadn't arrived.  Everyone got a pair of STABB Cup dice with a rather nifty St. Albans emblem on the six.

My first game was against a Human team coached by a chap I'd not played against before - he was a really great guy to play against and chat with.  Despite me receiving the ball in the first half he managed to turn me over and score, then on the kick off he got a blitz result and turned me over again to make it 2-0 at halftime.  In the 2nd half I managed to knock out some of his players and scored a consolation touchdown to make it a 2-1 loss with 0-0 on casualties.  Not the best start but hardly unexpected.

Game two and I was playing against a rather meaty Orc team.  With ST4 and ST5 players aplenty, the game was fairly equal and I managed to scrape a 1-0 win over him, going 0-1 on casualties.

Game thee and I was now facing Wilzif the organiser who was also using Nurgle.  Despite my Beast of Nurgle spending the whole of the 2nd half knocked out (thus losing me my Leader reroll) I somehow managed to get a 1-0 win which I was most surprised at.  I even went 2-1 on casualties too.

So with Day 1 over I had won two games and lost one - so I was pretty happy with that outcome.

One day two I started the day playing against an Undead team coached by a friend who is actually a pretty canny player.  He fouled one of my Pestigors for one casualty and then punched out a 2nd so I was down to 10 players for most of the game.  I was happy to get a 1-1 draw against him and went 1-1 on casualties as well.

Game five and I was playing against a tournament regular - he said that when he goes to the World Cup in November he will be playing his 500th tournament game!  He was using Skaven - and in the first half they did exactly what Skaven do and he went 2-0 up.  In the second half I started taking out his players and managed to get a touchdown back on my 6th turn.  On the kickoff to him, he did a one-dice block which rolled a skull then rerolled it to another skull. This gave me a chance to send some Pestigors up field towards the ball.  I only had one player who was capable of getting into the end zone so he marked him and then blitzed him on a two-dice blitz - which came up double-skulls.  In my final turn, I blitzed the marker but could only get a push - so I had to follow him up and dodge away into the end-zone.  I then had to stand a player up, pick up the ball and throw a short pass - which all worked perfectly.  The Pestigor in the end zone then caught the ball to make it a last ditch 2-2 draw.  Amazing.  I went 3-0 on casualties too.  Happy days!

For the last game I was up against Besters who I've played a lot at local tournaments - he's an awesome coach.  He was using Ogres this time and he was as good with them as I expected him to be.  I was very lucky in this game as I caused casualties on two of his ogres taking them out of the game, leaving him with three to play with for most of the game.  I got my first ever win against him - 1-0 with a 5-1 casualty score.

This took my weekend tally to three wins, two draws and one loss - which is my best ever tournament result.  I really wasn't expecting that using the Nurgle team.  Overall I finished 4th out of the 24 which was fantastic - Wilzif said I only just missed out on 3rd place as the decider was on strength of schedule.  I was really happy with my results considering this was just another team being ticked off the list!