More Catachan minis painted

Here's the final batch of built Catachan infantry minis that I had found in a shoe box in my garage.  When I painted the missile launcher squad, I grabbed all the remaining unpainted minis out of the box so I could paint them.  There's a few company commanders, a bunch of flamers and meltaguns plus some voxcasters.  If I remember correctly, I was planning to make special weapons squads with them - but they can just be put in whatever units I need them in now.

I'm getting to the stage where I can probably start playing games with my Catachans now but I think I will need a few more tanks and infantry squads painted before I can get up to around 1500 points.  I still have a lot more metal Catachans still to paint plus a stack of plastic infantry minis - I'll just keep churning through them I guess!