STABB Cup VII - 29th/30th September 2018

My mate Wil runs the STABB Cup which is always a fantastic tournament.  Unfortunately I had to work on the Saturday so I could only attend on the Sunday.  As I was only going to be playing three games I thought I'd just take a team where I could induce a chainsaw as that's something that's encouraged at STABB.  As my Orc team was one that was rated under 150 I thought they'd be great especially as they have the cheapest chainsaw star player in the game.

My first game on the Sunday morning was against Raging82's Underworld team which featured Glart Smashrip and Nobbla Blackwart.  Glart was an absolute nightmare as he's so strong and he's got claw.  In the end we had a chainsaw battle in the middle of the field.  Ulgroth KO'd Nobbla and then dissected Glart - what a hero!  With his players disappearing I managed to end the game 3-0 to me and 6-1 on casualties.

After lunch I was playing against Firebreather's Goblins.  Goblins!  I thought I would be having an easy game!  But with three trolls and two ball and chain players, I was getting smashed around all over the place. I finally managed to get some lucky breaks though after some 1 dice blocks on the ball and chain players.  It really was a cracking game which ended 2-1 to me.

For the final game I was taking on Barney the Lurker and his Khemri - he'd induced the star player Ithica Benoin who's a skeleton Dark Elf.  He's AG3 and had Sure Hands so I was desperate to try to keep him out of the way of the ball.  We had a really, really close game which finished a 0-0 draw.

So - two wins and a draw and I was pretty happy with that.  I even got awarded the trophy for the most casualties caused by a chainsaw player - fantastic!  Hopefully next year I might be able to go to both days.

The next tournament for me is the big one - the EuroBowl taking place in Cardiff.  I'm teaming up with my mates Andrew and Gary - we're part of a EurOpen team.  We've got team shirts and everything.  Should be good fun!