Chaos Cards Winter Cup

I attended my first Blood Bowl tournament of 2019 on Saturday - the Chaos Cards Winter Cup which was in Folkestone.  It's a tournament that I've been to before and it's run by my buddies Oli and Pete.  I had to miss their last couple of events due to conflicts with work so I really wanted to get to this one to help boost numbers.  As things turned out, a lot of people had thought the same thing so there were eighteen of us playing.

The tourney was a one-day three game event which allowed 1200 TV to pick your team from, with different numbers of skills allowed based on tiers (6/8/10 skills).  You could only have three of the same skills though.

I had a hard time choosing which team to take as I originally had thought about taking Khorne just to tick them off the list.  That was reliant on me actually painting my team though and I hadn't done that over the Christmas break as I'd intended.  I then thought about Amazons as they're one of the teams I have only played three games with.  In the end though I picked Necromantic as they're my worst ranked team and I thought I might be able to get their ranking back up a bit.

As Necromantic was Tier 2 I had eight skills to play with - so my roster was :

2 x Werewolves with Block
2 x Golems, one with Block, one with Guard
2 x Wights with Guard
1 x Ghoul with Sure Hands
7 x Zombies, one with Dirty Player
3 x Rerolls

I got to the venue in time to go and get some breakfast and get ready to start and in my first game I was up against a chap I'd played the last time at the venue - he was using Humans this time with the Mighty Zug and lots of decent skills spread around.  I struggled to stop the combination of Zug and his Ogre and he scored halfway though turn 1 which gave me a chance to try to get one back - but it didn't work out.  I scored in the 2nd half and did my best to turn him over but again it wasn't to be so the game ended 1-1.

For game two I was playing against Lizardmen with a pretty standard tourney roster apart from the addition of Hemlock.  That little stabby skink was a real pain - he stabbed one of my wights to undeath in the first turn of the game and he didn't regen.  Later on he stabbed the other one as well but thankfully that one did regenerate!  Game ended with another 1-1 draw.

For my final game I was up against an Undead team - again with a star player in the form of Hack Enslash.  Hack didn't live up to his reputation in this game as he rolled kickback early on and stunned himself.  I scored early on and managed to turn over my opponent and score again at the end of the 1st half.  For the 2nd half I over-committed to pushing my players forward and he got the ball to a ghoul which ran into my half of the pitch.  All I could do was press him into scoring.  Rather than stalling with the ball in my half for the last few turns I thought I'd try to score again - I didn't manage it but I didn't mess up and let him equalise so the game finished 2-1 to me.

I ended the tournament with a win and two draws - which was a little disappointing but I guess the points to take away from it was that I didn't lose and I was playing with the team I'm terrible at using.  I did manage to get their ranking up a little as well.

It's not too long until my next tournament - I'm off to York next weekend to play in the UK Team Challenge with some guys from the HEBBL league.  I'm using my Wood Elves again for that one.