Salute 2008

I went to Salute 2008 yesterday along with a bunch of guys from the Chelmsford Bunker. I've been once before back a couple of years ago and it was just as good as before, if not better. The main benefit of a show like Salute is you get to meet all the manufacturers that make the hobbyists purchase and you can see what new stuff they've brought out and previewed on the day.

My main intention this year was to get some more models for Legends of the High Seas, especially Hired Hands - so Black Cat Bases were first on the list as they made most of the models specifically for use with the High Seas. I also wanted to get some of their Tribal Islander models for use as NPC's. In the end, I bought all the Hired Hands and Islanders I wanted as well as some of their Navy crew - they sell a pack containing three marines and a captain along with a resin longboat for only £12. That's something they don't have on their website so I couldn't say no to that! As I'd spent over £30 on pirate models, they threw in a small model carry case as well!

After that, I headed over to Black Scorpion who make some lovely pirate models and who'd just got some new models out for the day. I bought a set of their Navy models to give me some diversity and also one of their new weapon sprue packs so I can convert some models to hold whatever weapons I need them too. I also bought some of their fantastic female pirate range for my friend Phil - I'm sure he'll be happy with them. If I'd had any of my own cash left, I'd have bought some myself!