Pirates and gangsters

I got a parcel from North Star Figures today - my order for the full range of Crusader Pirates arrived. I managed to get in on the special deal that Nick had given for orders placed before the 1st April - all seven blisters of models for just £28 which worked out £7 off. There's a wide mix of models, all of which are perfect for Legends of the High Seas and most of these minis are shown in the book itself.

Along with the North Star parcel, I also received a package from play.com - they were running yet another sale and I managed to pick up a 2-disc dvd of "Gangs of New York" for just £4. It's a great film and I like listening to the commentarys from the directors and actors as it gives you a lot more understanding about the film and how it was made. One thing I did discover after I first saw the film was that Brigade Games make models that tie in with it, even having minis to represent Bill the Butcher and Priest Vallon. Check their range of Victorian Age Gangsters. I doubt I'll ever get around to buying the models myself - and if I did, I doubt even more that I'd ever get around to painting and gaming with them. They're cracking models though so you never know...