More Middenheimers

This has been the first free day I've had to be able to get some painting done and, as I promised myself I'd get a project finished before moving on to the next, I returned to painting the Middenheimer models for my Mordheim warband. This time, I've completed some of the marksmen - three bowmen and a blunderbuss.

Blunderbusses are an expensive weapon in the game and are a one-shot wonder, but the potential damage they can do really can swing a game if you fire one at the right time. Even if you don't get to fire it, just having one in your warband can help force your opponent to change his tactics as they will not want to get on the business end of one of these guns!

I've already made a small start on the next three models for the warband; this time it's the turn of more marksmen although these are armed with crossbows. Hopefully I can get some more work done on them over the next week or two. Until then, here's the models I painted today...