Post 24 completion review

Blood Bowl players are a mixed bunch. Some like the tactics of the game.  Some get enthralled by the little models used in the game.  Some like having fun and don't take it very seriously at all.  I'm a bit of a mix of all three I think.  I really enjoy the tactics and strategy of Blood Bowl but I also love the design and look of the miniatures.  The latter is the reason I got carried away collecting the miniatures - I just had to own them all.  The classic Pokemon effect - gotta catch'em all...

I started playing in Blood Bowl tournaments way back in 2004 - I went to the first ever Pearly Kings and Queens tournament in London.  I was pretty hopeless to be honest.  I'd only played BB in a league at my local GW and had a few one-off games but as the tournament was right next to Liverpool Street station where I worked, it was easy travel for me.  I got a couple of wins but the rest of the games were losses.  After that, I only played games at my club for ages.  Around 2006, I started running a Blood Bowl league at the Chelmsford Bunker and ran a few club Blood Bowl tournaments.  In 2008, a bunch of us travelled up to the Blood Bowl Grand Tournament in Nottingham which was great fun.  Skip forward a couple of years and I started running public Blood Bowl tournaments at the Chelmsford Bunker club venue which was superb - I really loved those tournaments.  I also started going to my buddy Rodders tournament in Sudbury - the Carrot Crunch.  I did this for a few years just playing teams I fancied using - but it wasn't until 2013 that I started to get serious about attending Blood Bowl tournaments.  That's when I went to my first Cambridge Double Trouble tourney.  By this time I'd started amassing a lot of teams but I hadn't really got cracking with painting - but as I'd decided to try to to go to the local tournaments I started to use it as a way of forcing me to paint the teams I was taking.  Looking on the Blood Bowl forums, I read that people were trying to use all the teams in Blood Bowl tournaments so I thought I'd aim for that too.

So - five years on from then, I've actually completed the 24 when I took Wood Elves to the NAF Championship.  The NAF have added two more teams to their tournament rankings this year though so I will need to play Khorne and Brettonians to get the 26 - but I'll do that at some point in the future!  I've been planning for the 24 for so long, I'm going to try using the same team for a while just to see if I can have my tactics improve for them.  So I'll be using Wood Elves again for the London Blood Bowl Grand Tournament this weekend and then I'll also be taking them to the EurOpen in October.

Having completed the 24, I think my next challenge is going to be the hardest.  I want to win a tournament now :)

Tournament Race Record TDs
(W/T/L) Diff (for-agnst)
Pearly Kings and Queens Necromantic 2/0/4 -7 (7-14)
The Blood Bowl 2008 Halflings 0/2/2 -4 (2-6)
bunkerbowl national Humans 3/1/2 -1 (10-11)
Carrot Crunch V Skaven 2/1/3 2 (10-8)
Bunker Bowl II Halflings 2/2/2 1 (13-12)
Carrot Crunch VI Halflings 2/1/3 -6 (7-13)
Bunker Bowl III Amazons 0/2/1 -1 (3-4)
Cambridge Double Trouble II Lizardmen 3/1/2 6 (11-5)
Boudica Bowl II Dwarves 3/1/2 1 (8-7)
STABB Cup IV Norse 3/0/3 7 (12-5)
COSH Bowl Chaos 2/2/2 -1 (7-8)
Fumbbl Road to NAFC 2015 Halflings 0/1/5 -8 (3-11)
UK Team Challenge Dark Elves 2/3/1 1 (10-9)
Boudica Bowl III - Romans Go Home! Chaos Dwarves 3/1/2 1 (9-8)
Bunker Bowl IV Halflings 3/0/0 6 (6-0)
The HEBBL Present: TOWIE BOWL Slann 1/2/3 -7 (9-16)
The NAF Championship LIV Undead 3/1/2 1 (9-8)
The R.I.O.T.S Championship 2015 Elves 3/0/2 5 (12-7)
STABB Cup V Nurgle's Rotters 3/2/1 2 (7-5)
Cambridge Double Trouble III Goblins 3/0/3 1 (8-7)
C.O.S.H Bowl II Orc 2/1/3 -1 (5-6)
Boudica Bowl IV! Lizardmen 2/2/2 1 (8-7)
Bunker Bowl V Necromantic 1/0/3 -1 (6-7)
Twisted Cup 2 High Elves 1/1/1 2 (7-5)
Cambridge Double Trouble IV Ogres 2/1/3 -5 (3-8)
Boudica Bowl 5 Vampires 1/3/2 -2 (7-9)
STABB Cup VI Khemri 2/1/0 2 (3-1)
The Chaos Cards Cup Underworld 1/1/1 3 (6-3)
Cambridge Double Trouble V Skaven 3/1/2 4 (11-7)
Boudica Bowl 6 Multiple Races 0/3/0 0 (3-3)
Albion Coast Sevens 2 Chaos Pact 3/2/0 3 (8-5)
NAF Championship 2018 Wood Elves 4/0/2 3 (14-11)