New 40K army - Deathwatch

I was happily painting some Catachan Leman Russ tanks whilst watching YouTube videos and spotted a game involving Deathwatch marines.  Back in 2002 when I was playing 3rd edition games, I created a Deathwatch Veteran Kill Team when GW released the old metal heads and shoulder pad sprues.  I absolutely loved my Deathwatch squad and I got totally nostalgic about them.  Before I knew what had happened, I'd ordered a box of the plastic Deathwatch models.  The next Saturday, I went into my local GW store and they had a section of the store of old stock that they were going to be sending back to HQ.  There was a few of the Deathwatch splash release box sets there and I spotted a Deathwatch Bikers squad which seemed a great deal as there was five in the box.  I also picked up a couple of blisters packs - a Deathwatch Terminator Captain and a Deathwatch upgrade sprue.  I went back this Saturday and they still had some left - so I bought a box of Deathwatch Terminators.  I got them back home and couldn't help myself - I just started building them straight away.  I still had some old bits left from building other Terminator squads so I used a spare thunder hammer and storm shield to the squad.  Today, I built the Biker squad using some of the chapter shoulder pads from the Veterans box set.  I'm going to do some research on how to best arm the Veterans squad before I build them but I've got some spare marines from a Tactical box set to help bulk them out.

I'm still going to carry on with my Catachans of course but I just couldn't help myself after getting excited about the Deathwatch :D

Here's my old Deathwatch Kill Team which I painted way back in 2003!
Blue Griffons Sergeant
Black Templars Veteran
Blood Angels Veteran
Crimson Fists Veteran
Dark Angels Veteran
FleshTearers Veteran
Imperial Fists Veteran
Space Wolves Veteran
Ultramarine Veteran
White Scars Veteran